"I am Hooked!" by Lisa Cameron
 Throughout my entire life easily reached goals I set for myself because of my determination and competitiveness.   Hunting is also a large part of my life, and with hunting came new challenges and goals.  I begin hunting with rifle at an early… [read more]
“The Hell Hole” by Cody Mansur
“The Hell Hole”[singlepic id=970 w=320 h=240 float=]Just about every hunter has a place that they would refer to as the “Hell Hole“. Its that spot you hunt that you dive over the side of a cliff and seem to almost fall all the way to the bottom just… [read more]
Waste No Opportunity By Jeff Ament
[singlepic id=942 w=420 h=340 mode=watermark float=]Waste No OpportunityBy Jeff Ament Opportunity is the most important element in any successful hunting trip.  This spring I set out to Idaho for my first ever spring black bear hunt.  Raised as… [read more]
Do YOU Train to Hunt?
So September is around the corner...and all the weapons are probably cleaned and stored away by now.  Is it time to get the fishing gear out?  Get the turkey vest dusted off?  Or is it time to do what most professional athletes due when their season… [read more]
Washington archery elk Sept 2012
Elk Season 2012As I look back on my Washington archery elk season of 2012, I am left wondering what could have been. Every person that dawns the camo and steps into the woods each fall, steps out of those woods with knowledge that will help them in future… [read more]