The Start of an Addiction
As I sit and look over the pictures of my recent Mule Deer hunt, I still admire my deer as if I was looking at someone else’s trophy.  After 24 days of hard grinding, numerous stalks being blown by my own mistakes, and lots of disappointing days of not… [read more]
2013 Arizona Archery Hunt. Follow my quest to fullfill my archery tag in the wettest summer/fall in Flagstaff's history. Special THANK YOU to Luke Morris and Big Mike Armstrong for running the camera's on my 2013 journey! None of this is possible without… [read more]
Elk Camp...Camp Champ
Having a little fun at camp...breaking up the day & night with a little archery fun. [read more]
Tenzing TZ4000 & TZ 14000
I had the honor of testing the TZ 4000 and the TZ 1400 on my 2013 Archery Elk hunt, this is by far the best pack system I have ever used.  Tenzing has their stuff together!! [read more]
NE Pop Warner Pirates football team begins the long preparation for the upcoming football season [read more]