About Us


Matthew Ament's Bio 


 My name is Matthew Ament and I am a die-hard archery only hunter. I grew up in the Mid-west hunting anything I could buy a tag for, and I fell in love with archery hunting early in my career. I feel the skill set needed to be a successful archery hunter always pushes me to be better, smarter, and more at one with the animal I am after. I hunt the way it was taught to me with respect, honesty, integrity, and commitment to the land and animals that I hunt. I take an extreme approach to my training for my hunting adventures. I will never allow my physical ability be a negative in my hunting adventures. I also work for a fitness company called Train To Hunt (www.traintohunt.com). We promote year round training, using hunting as the motivational tool to get in shape. Pair my love for archery hunting with the over the top fitness approach and you will see that I strive to hunt longer, harder, and further than most. I now carry a full arsenal of camera gear to capture video and photojournalism of our adventures to share with our outdoor brotherhood. Telling the story how it happens, as it happens is our goal moving forward. My hunting style and fitness addiction has blessed me with the opportunity to be on Promotional Staff for some of the best brands in the business. I am honored to be able to support and promote -MatthewsArizona Archery ClubKryptek, Kifaru, K2-CoolersBee-StingerGoldTipPlano, S4GearBad Medicine ArcheryNo Limit ArcheryFish People SeafoodHips Archery TargetsKenetrek BootsMotion Camera ArmsThe Hunting Channel OnlineTrain to Hunt, and Crossfit Forbidden.


Matthew’s Hunting Gear

Bow: Mathews 80# Wake Camo: Kryptek Highlander
Arrows: Gold Tip Kenetic XT Big Game Boots: Kenetrek Hardscrabble/Mountain Extreme
Broadheads: Gravedigger 125g Steel Hunting Shoes: Salomon Speed cross 3
Nock: Nockturnal Green Binos: Swarovski 10x42; Vortex 20x56
Optic Holder: S4Gear Lockdown X Range Finder: Vortex Ranger 1000
Backpacks: Kifaru TImberline 2
Knife: Havalon Piranta
Camcorder: Canon XA20 DSLR: Canon 6DCanon T3i
Action Cam: Go Pro Hero 3+ Black  




Michael Armstrong's Bio 


My name is Mike Armstrong and I am an avid hunter of several big game species and outdoorsman. I am a husband to one very patient and selfless woman, a father to three energetic and amazing kids, a hunter. My story is different from most where I was raised in the inner city, not on a rural farm or out in “the country”. I spent the majority of my life outdoors, but rather than in a tree stand; I was on a football field, baseball diamond, golf course or a basketball court. The desire to practice, compete and excel came naturally, but also required the necessary drive and hard work to sustain. That hard work paid off early with a college football scholarship, where I was awarded All American honors. Post college, I played two years of professional football against some of the best athletes in the world. Playing outdoors on the football field, in any conditions, has prepared me for time on the mountain, in the tree stand or on the stalk.

The way that I hunt is the same way that I played my sports, with integrity, honesty and a respect to the land and animals that I hunt. From deer to duck, from elk to bear, I hunt hard! I make sure that I enjoy the journey and the experience, not just the trophy. My mentality is that there is no off-season. I am always preparing for the next experience through training to push my body to its limits and beyond, tightening my shot grouping, learning from others and studying animals and their patterns. I am a believer that preparation and process are the keys to my success.

Although hunting is my passion I also enjoy filming my hunts, as well as filming others hunters. Filming gives me the opportunity to step back from the chase and enjoy the time in nature and tell the journey through the camera lens. I am also a member of The Hunting Channel Online Pro Staff, a 24x7, one stop shop, and online resource for all things hunting. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or requests.

Mikes Hunting Gear

Bow: Mathews Z7 Spotting Scope:
Arrows: Easton ACC Camo: Under Armour
Broadhead: Rage Chisel Tip Extreme Boots: Kenetrek Mountain Extreme
Sight: Black Gold Ascent Pack: Tenzing TZ4000
Rest: Qad Ultrarest HDX Knife: Havalon Piranta
Stabilizer: Bee Stinger Camera: Canon XA20
Binoculars: Swarovski 15x56 slc Rangefinder: Swarovski 8x30