Are you TRULY ready????? by Mike Armstrong

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Flying home from Phoenix and the turbulence is rocking the plane back and forth. I am on this plane with 4 friends and another friend has his wife and two children onboard. My mind wonders to if this plane crashes, has each and every adult onboard lived the live they wanted to live? If so, good for you.  If not, why not? What are you waiting for?  It's like the old saying that I will do something after I lose more weight. Why not do it now and lose more weight after?  Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.  You are not promised the next day, hour or minute.   I sit in this plane with the feelings that I have lived my life to the fullest and have lived with NO REGRETS. Of course there are things that are still on my bucket list to do like sky dive, fly a plane, kill a Bull Elk, kill a trophy white tail, dance at my daughter's weddings and hunt with my son for the first time. But at this moment in time, right now in this plane, I have a calmness about me. I have no worries and no regrets. I will say for me to have lived my life, my support system behind me had provided and afforded me these opportunities. I have missed out on basketball games, first teeth falling out,  first snows and first snowballs for my adventures. My wife has had to endure the care taking of 3 children with two under the age of 5 and being my rock.  I want my family to know that I am forever grateful and appreciative for the sacrifices that you have made for me to fulfill each and everyone of my life's dreams. I love you and I thank you and I may only repay you by allowing you to soar like an eagle when you are ready to realize your dreams!  Mike Armstrongimages