My Inspiration...Your Motivation.

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DSC_0227 As I settle back into normal life after 6 months of tunnel vision towards the Kryptek Train to Hunt Challenge, I am finding I have been rewarded more for this one single event than most events in my life.  You see, I set out 6 months ago to conquer this event.  I mean, there hasn't been an event in my life that I wanted more since College football, and that was 15 years ago.  When I found Train to Hunt, it was like finding out you were a twin after 38 years and now you knew where your other half was.  I WAS MADE FOR THIS EVENT.  In my daily life I train hard, and shoot...EVERYDAY!  My normal routine is get up, shower, coffee, internet, then 14 arrows at 20/30/40 yards...then wake my boys and start my real job.  I crossfit 5-6 days a week, and ALWAYS go hard till failure!  So this event seemed like a natural part of me that was out there, it was just now up to me to find it, engulf myself in it and be the competitor that I have formed my life around. As specific training and mental preparation escalated, so did interest amongst friends, family, and perfect strangers.  What posses a man to do what I was doing on purpose?  What event could channel and focus a man's entire soul?  So as I trained, I also promoted and spread the lifestyle of fitness, healthy eating, and of course the most important part in my life ;) Archery.  I loved talking with people about what I was doing and just my personal approach to this event and towards a crossfit & Paleo lifestyle.  The more I would share, the more Inspired I would become to never stop, to go harder, to never hit the snooze button, and to never drive past the crossfit gym.  Not that I feel like I have a following, but when you feel deep down inside that you might let someone else down besides yourself, or that someone might be "watching" to see what you did today, it drives you internally to be the best you can be.  To never let the weak mind control the inner monster that is the real boss. Like my College coach would ingrain in my head daily "You can do More, your mind is a LIAR!" -Jeff Floyd.  Your mind is meant to protect the body, so it wants you to stop before things get hard or before you get out of your comfort zone.  Until you can learn to shut that demon up, and listen to greatness inside all of us, you can't get to your goals.  When you mind tells you to quit, it should turn on the opposite light, that it is only NOW that you have hit the "wall" that MUST be broken to get better and to more forward with your fitness goals and a better lifestyle.  Use your weak mind to trigger the beast within! Back to the race! ;) As I sit and write this, I am more internally satisfied and Inspired than I have ever been in my adult life.  No, I didn't end up winning the entire Fittest Bowhunter in the West, but I feel that is my personal fault for being so focused on the fitness challenge and not the complete package.  Yes, I dominated the Physical Challenge Course, but that was just a mere part of the competition.  You see; when I saw this event "Fittest Bowhunter in the West", that is exactly what I set my mind on becoming.  I trained like a maniac, and would not be denied.  I felt I could shoot, I mean I shoot everyday of my life, well at least 5-6 days a week ALL YEAR.  So when the event came, I felt deep inside I was prepared and was excited beyond the ability of my aging heart.  I didn't sleep for a entire week leading up to the race, and almost threw up daily thinking about that starting gun.  Well the day came, the race came, and I crossed the finish line.  I will say  this about the results saturday on the Challenge course...I was the happiest Matthew Ament I have ever been as a man.  What I mean by this is not that I haven't been happier, of course I had.  I married the most beautiful woman in the world, I have scene one of my son's born into the world and I have scene my other son saved from a world of neglect and pain and given to me to love, raise, and  cherish as my own.  But NEVER have I felt the personal gratification I felt as I lay on that 100 degree granite gravel begging for air and for my lungs to catch up.  I set out 6 months prior to do what I had done, at that point I felt I was the Fittest Bowhunter in the West, and to me this would let me sleep at night.  My focus now will of course shift to being the BEST all around bowhunter in the West...and a new fire has been set!! With days continually passing after the event the most remarkable thing is happening.  The Inspiration for my life's drive, has become a Motivation for other like minded people.  I have been humbled by the response from people about the race, the journey I have taken and the future of others mind set.  I am truly honored to be mentioned with the names I am, and really sets me back in my chair to thing others look at my journey for motivation.  It throws coal on my fire, and ensures I will not let YOU down or YOU or YOU!!   If can be a person of Inspiration or Motivation that is more important than personal goals.  That is a position I dont take lightly, and will honor it appropriately. I will close with this... If I am your Motivation, you are my Inspiration!  I will drive harder, farther, and stronger in hopes I blaze a path that can be easily followed by the best in the business to the beginner just grabbing a weight or bow. I am Matthew Ament, I am a father, a husband, and a bowhunter...and I was made for this! Truly honored to include a couple personal messages from fellow like minded bowhunters!  Zachary and are the reason I will continue to blaze forward!!! "Next year I hope to have a bow and be able to do the one in Spokane. i just got into hunting last fall. and thanks to you Matthew Ament and Cam Hanes  I have really turned my life around! Everyone post about Train to Hunt and watching all the crossfit guys has been a huge boost in my attitude about fitness. I just gotta say thanks for doing what you do and keep going with it." - Zachary Erickson "I'm not too sure about that goofy look on my face, but I was at the gym this morning - thinking about how much some of my FB friends have inspired me to "get back into it" over the past 3 months. Have a long way to go - but its getting easier every day. Thanks Matthew AmentCam Hanes..." -Aaron Neilson [nggallery id=19]