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     I have been hunting the same area in the Pinal Mountains in Globe, Arizona for 4 years now.  I always place trail cameras out year round to watch deer activity, as well as any other critters that show themselves.  2011 was the year I captured my first Mountain Lion on camera.  It was at night,  just 10 yards from my favorite tree stand location.  These pictures produced amazing feelings inside me and of course inside my wife as well.  I felt excitement, never having scene a "real" mountain lion in the wild.  I also felt anxiousness, fear, and for some reason a sense of pride.  My wife, on the other hand was taken over by fear, worry, and straight panic.  I, of course, through countless hours of reassurance let her know it was gonna be just fine, and this was more exciting than a threat.  Now even though I reassured her, I guarantee you that for the remainder of the season I walked to and from stand with my trusty pistola cocked and ready to Rock in my bare hand.  There is just something about the unknown nature of the mountain lion, and to have knowledge of a actual presence that keeps you on your toes a little more.
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Here it is now the end of December 2012, and guess who has showed up again.  This time though it showed up during the day light hours, on Christmas day and the following 2 days after.  Beautiful, majestic, and HUGE!!  IT seems to be a very old cat, with a huge body and very powerful presence.  I actually welcome it back, and glad to see it survived another season.  Now if I just can make it to and from my tree stand the next couple trips, my wife will re-settle her nerves, and mine too.Enjoy the pictures….Matthew