"Room 118"

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  Do you have superstitions or rituals you attempt to do before every hunt? Do you have a special arrow, or t-shirt you have to have to go hunting?   photo 4 Well for us here at No Regrets, when we talk about Coues deer in the Pinal Mountains, it’s a special room a local motel that MUST be booked prior to the hunt.  You see, every person who has stayed in this room while hunting with us has killed the morning after staying in this room…the "Trophy Room"!  We have even gotten to the point of requesting this room over a month out, and having a special little draft or lottery to see who gets the pleasure of seeing if they can keep the tradition alive.  All I can tell you is that the room number is "118"…and within our group, this room is as much apart of the hunt as is your bow or camo you bring to it!!!