“The Hell Hole” by Cody Mansur

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“The Hell Hole” [singlepic id=970 w=320 h=240 float=] Just about every hunter has a place that they would refer to as the “Hell Hole“. Its that spot you hunt that you dive over the side of a cliff and seem to almost fall all the way to the bottom just to see what is there, just to make the steep climb out. it’s a place that you swear there is going to be success and a lot of the time you find out that you made the trek just for nothing all the while cussing your way back out. I am a hunter but my “Hell Hole” might be a little different than most. Here’s my story. Sitting on the edge of an orchard, bow in tow and grease on my face I found my self submerged in a turkey hunt that had little “hunting” involved. 19 years old, bow and calls laying next to me I found my self with tears streaming down my face, head in hands groaning and whining like a kid who lost a puppy. Cursing my self, God and my life, wondering what the hell happened? What happened to my life and the “man” I thought I was becoming. I had it all, a wrestling scholarship to the state of my dreams, a loving girlfriend and family and plans of “winning” it all. That was before the accident. I had blown out an elbow tearing every muscle in my arm from my bicep to my forearm and all the way back to the tricep. Turning my arm around and having nothing conecting the forearm from my upper arm. it was gone. My whole life from the time I was 3 was gone. Wrestling was gone. My anger had taken over and now my girlfriend who I loved so much had left. my family just pitied me, which makes me almost want to throw up. It was almost like glassing over a ridge, being on top of the world just in time to slip and fall all the way to the bottom of the “Hell Hole” with not a clue how to get out. I layed back in the grass and began screaming out to God to save my soul, “HELP ME! HELP ME!” which I’m sure many of you can understand just how loud it was when your in the peace and quite of the woods. My heart was being ripped strait out of my chest and I felt and my lungs were collapsing. I was totally out of control. Like most control loss, after a while you find yourself realizing how pointless it is and began to calm down. Now just praying to God asking for forgiveness for what had just happened and asking him what now? What am I supposed to do? How do I become somebody who is a good person yet I never imagined being anybody but a “wrestler”. Even though this sounds like a story out of a book, a warm breeze hit me that warmed me to the core of my body and I realized that I was in the closet place to heaven on earth I could be. I was in his kingdom on earth. I was in the “wild” per-say. At that moment It came to me. I had never felt closer to my faith and my god than that moment in the woods. I was finally in a state of “happiness” that I hadn’t felt in months, I then realized that hunting and especially archery hunting was the ticket to my overall happiness. I picked my bow up looked up the row of trees just in time to see a good sized jake making his way to me. I was hooked. The adrenaline rush took over and I had fire in my eyes with the thought of this thing is done, I have god on my side and this is an answered prayer. I drew my bow and “THWAP” the shot went off. The turkey took off running as I sat there with the back of my nock staring back at me. I missed. I couldn’t help but smile, look up into the sky and laugh. I had actually thought that God was going to guide my arrow. that’s when I realized that god was saying “Hey I have given you the woods, the freedom and all the animals in it but you have to do your part.” immediately I realized what that ment. For I am a wrestler and if any sport teaches you to work for something its wrestling. I realized at the time that hunting is a sport and you have to train for it just like you do any other sport to be good. I had found my way out of the hell hole. Just like packing your self and “baggage” out of a hole, it takes time. I went to very intense anger management and gained the love and trust of my girlfriend back. I began to shoot every day including getting into target archery because I was so obsessed and in less that a year shot my first “300” score on a vegas 3-spot. The relationship with my family began to go upward, I began training to be a hunter, turning heads and creating laughs at the local gym for being the only guy in the gym training with a camo backpack on. I am a personal trainer for youth athletes in my community and get to help kids live their dreams. I am now 21 years old, completely submerged in the love of hunting and training to do it. I still have not killed anything larger than a turkey, missing 3 deer last season and having numerous encounters with bulls not being able to close the deal. Yet I still wake up everyday completely addicted to living my life for the things that are now important. I just recently celebrated two years with my wonderful girlfriend and have a family that supports me with all of my crazy hunting and archery dreams. It has not all been easy to climb out. I still have my days were the pain of losing wrestling gets the best of me but the way I live at that moment is tomorrow is another day and one more day closer to hunting season were I get to go to the place that I think of as “the house of God”. although young, I feel my life experiences have helped me learn that living life with no regrets and to the fullest is the way to trully be living. Life is short and the quickest way to death is to not completely live everyday to do what you love. I have found my meaning to life and will forever my grateful for the “Hell Hole” because it got me to the wonderful and fulfilling life that I have now. My name Is Cody Mansur and I live in Oregon, I am a bow hunter and now live my life with no regrets and a giant smile on my face knowing that life is good, God is good, and Hunting saves lives, for it saved mine! [nggallery id=22]