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Spike-Tacular 2
This is Matthew's 2013 Arizona Archery Bull Elk Hunt. Follow his quest to full-fill my archery tag in the wettest summer/fall in Flagstaff's history. Special THANK YOU to Luke Morris and Big Mike Armstrong for running the camera's on my 2013 journey!…
Passing on the Outdoor Traditions
Watch as I take my oldest son on his very first hunt. We had tons of action which kept Anthony's interest up. Unfortunatly we didn't kill and get a chance to learn about the harvest. But I am actually kind of glad he didn't kill on his first hunting…
Luke Morris's Finest Hour
No Regrets Outdoors travels with Luke Morris on his first ever Arizona Archery Hunt and First Archery Kill
Elk Camp...Camp Champ
Having a little fun at camp...breaking up the day & night with a little archery fun
No Regrets Scouting Trip 2013
No Regrets Members Matthew Ament, Luke Morris and Elk Assassin Trent Penrod headed up to Flagstaff, Az to scout for upcoming Archey Bull Tag in September
How good is YOUR camo? Kryptek makes you invisible even to the eyes of a flock of suspicious turkey's! EVEN AT a DISTANCE OF 10 yards!!! No blind! no cover! JUST KRYPTEK! Come on Thunder Chicken